If you want your business applications, big data lakes or cloud environments protected and data privacy ready - we have the right solutions.

We have our data privacy services on offer. Whether you need to comply to compliances like the GDPR or the many other available and upcoming data privacy laws, our services ensure you are compliant and protected. Ensure only the data your employees need to see is what they see.

One of the biggest obstacle’s organizations face with the ever-increasing data privacy laws around the world, is to keep their business applications., data lakes and cloud workloads compliant to these laws, like the GDPR for instance. Personal data protection is an area of focus for organizations that is bound to increase.

Securing the data as well as protecting it is a key requirement for enterprises as they move towards this compliance.

While there is a need to be compliant from a business point of view, there are also plenty of technical modules that need to be implemented. Dynamic data-masking, encryption, pseudo-anonymization are techniques that help a long way in getting there. But having to implement these changes without the need for rewriting code of existing applications or without the need for using APIs is a challenge.

In order to comply it is imperative to determine which employee in an organization access what data and to what granular level. Insider thefts, abuse of VIP data etc, need a fine-grained auditing and data trail management.

With the need to also protect databases where large amounts of data are stored, a database activity monitoring setup that does not affect technical performance is an additional complexity to be implemented.

In collaboration with our partner software platform, we deliver data-centric security and compliance, enabling organizations to discover, monitor in real-time, anonymize and logically delete access to sensitive data based on user roles and customer consent, or deletion requests.

The platform uses self-contained application overlays transparently installed on analytics applications (e.g., Tableau, BO, SAS, Qlik), Teradata, Big data (Hive, Spark) and DBA tools (e.g., BTEQ, Fastload, SQL Assistant) without code changes, ETL processes, or any UDFs

Data Security & Privacy Services

Cloud Data Protection for Lift and Shift

Enable privacy on cloud operations while keeping your keys on-premise. Make sure that information on cloud is protected on field, row and column level Encrypt and de-identify the data before it leaves the organization premises. De-crypt and re-identify the data while in use for authorized users Real-time monitoring

Right to be Forgotten

Make sure that no one sees data from a customer list who required “right to be forgotten“ Specify only one list to be cross-application Automatic anonymization after X years retention period trough table insertion

Real-Time User Activity Monitoring and Auditing

Show who (app users) accessed data of a given customer X across business & analytics applications Show who (app users) updated data of a given customer X across business & analytics applications

VIP Customers

Originally mask all sensitive data of a list of customers that exist in two previously populated lists (staff customers list and VIP customers list) Data could be “unmasked” (and data seen on the clear) by “pushing a button” Every “unmask” actions is registered, which should log the app user and timestamp of the action Alert (by sending an email to Data Protection Team) if anyone (app user) accessed or updated customers data that exist in two previously populated lists (staff customers list and VIP customers list)

Data Cross Border Restrictions

Ensure no access from outside the country / other branch Make sure that out of country / other branch users cannot see customers information not related to their business operations Make sure that app users from a specific branch can only see data from customers that belong to that specific branch -“branch location” variable at stake


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