Defending the perimeter is a crucial and irreplaceable task that any organization prioritizes.

This includes a detailed firewall implementation, security policy creation and additional capabilities like application control, anti-bot technology, sandboxing etc that adds a whole new level of security to your perimeter and core assets. Whether the implementation is a next generation data-center or setup of a security operations center, we can help build and implement a rock-solid security system for you. Right from planning and evaluation to design and the eventual implementation and subsequent maintenance, there are a range of services that we offer.

Organizations have heavily relied on perimeter network security to protect their networks from cyber-attacks. Protection at the perimeter works well only to an extent. However, recent breaches have shown that perimeter security alone is not sufficient to combat advanced persistent threats.

Given that everyday thousands of zero-day malware are discovered in the wild, it is important to think beyond the firewall.

Traditional firewall or for that matter anti-virus is not sophisticated enough to handle just unknown malware.

To secure their networks from such advanced persistent threats organizations use various methods like sandboxing, endpoint detection and response and e-mail security.

While each of them provides protection to a large extent, they cannot cater to enterprise IOT requirements to a large extent. With such limitations it is important to relook traditional cyber security measures. While a consolidated approach works well, it also cannot help organizations relying on multiple vendors to protect their assets where integration between these vendors is near to impossible.

Add to it the fact that newer means of protection like micro-segmentation of critical assets in the network bring newer challenges in network security implementation

Network Security Services

Next-Gen Firewalls

Besides traditional firewalling capabilities, additional mechanisms like Application Control, Intrusion Prevention Systems and Sandboxing capabilities help catch zero-day malware and share that intelligence with the other systems so as to ensure your network is secured from zero-day threats.

Threat Emulation

Sandboxes typically are able to identify a lot of zero-day malware, but some tend to escape OS level emulation of threats. It is pertinent to add a second level of emulation like CPU level checks to ensure zero-day malware do not enter the system.

Micro Segmentation

Traditional segmentation of networks using VLANs is a costly and time-drawn affair. Add to it the fact that this is completely dependent on the hardware and legacy systems typically do not support segmentation. Micro-segmentation solutions need to be infrastructure agnostic and software based for easier security of critical assets and support for any legacy system in the infra.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

While there could be some malware that always escape security controls, it is essential to have an EDR solution in the endpoints like laptops and mobile phones to be able to not just catch attack like ransomware but also to protect critical assets and data to be compromised by insider threats. Full disk encryption and restricted access to specific information helps not just protect from malware but also from data loss.


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