Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

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This helps to understand a range of security loopholes in the network infrastructure in an organization. Given that a network can be accessed from both internal and external access points, pen tests should ideally be run on networks both from an external location and in-premises for best visibility. Based on the results you can classify and prioritize the vulnerabilities for which the test gives actionable intelligence to reduce the risk surface.

Web Application

These tests focuson your web app, browsers and their components such as ActiveX, Applets,Plug-ins etc. Our tests identify vulnerabilities like SQL injection and cross-site scripting challenges.

Mobile App Security

With the increase in smartphone usage vis-à-vis laptops it is pertinent to have a robust mobile security irrespective of whether you use apps from the respective stores or in-house apps. By using the latest standards in testing we can provide detailed reports on app frameworks and strength of the apps in use.


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